What you'll learn

  • The Why

    Why positive psychology in education is valuable for children from a young age - and why your wellbeing is equally as important as theirs!

  • The What

    Learn more about the science of wellbeing and how positive psychology concepts can increase your subjective wellbeing as well as improve your wellbeing provision for children.

  • The How

    Practical activities for you and for children, to deepen your knowledge and practices within emotions, character strengths, mindfulness and many more areas!

Course curriculum

An Introduction to Wellbeing Education rooted in Positive Psychology Science

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Course!

  • 2

    About Mindful Miss Green Wellbeing

  • 3

    Why Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Science in Education is Important

    • Why Wellbeing In Education is Important

  • 4

    Course Preparation

    • Course Preperation

  • 5

    Feelings and Emotions

    • Part 1 - Introduction to Feelings and Emotions

    • Part 2 - Learning for you

    • Part 3 - Learning for children

    • Feelings and Emotions Block Reflections

    • Links and Resources

  • 6

    Character Strengths

    • Part 1 - Introduction to Character Strengths

    • Part 2 - Learning for you

    • Part 3 - Learning for Children

    • Character Strengths Block Reflections

    • Links and Resources

  • 7

    Mindfulness and Meditation

    • Part 1 - Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

    • Part 2 - Mindfulness and Meditation Presentation

    • Part 3 - Learning for you

    • Part 4 - Learning for children

    • Mindfulness and Meditation Block Reflections

    • Links and Resources

  • 8


    • Part 1 - Introduction to Gratitude

    • Part 2 - Learning for You

    • Part 3 - Learning for children

    • Gratitude Block Reflections

    • Links and Resources

  • 9

    Creative Wellbeing

    • Part 1 - Introduction to Creative Wellbeing

    • Part 2 - Learning for you

    • Part 3 - Learning for children

    • Creative Wellbeing Block Reflections

    • Links and Resources

  • 10

    Completion Celebration

    • Congratulations! You have completed the course!

    • Completion Award! Look at this as a reminder of how much you have learned!

Meet Ashley

Teacher | Positive Psychology Practitioner | Author | Coach

Ashley Green

Originally from Scotland, Ashley has taught in the Middle East for over ten years. Particularly passionate about wellbeing in education for children and those who care for them, she completed a master's degree in applied positive psychology and coaching. Her dream is to bring some of this science to adults and children through this online course and many resources, including the characters called 'The Emobeans' who we meet in her first children's book, 'The Emobeans and the Feelings'.

Ashley has spoken at many Middle Eastern and global conferences, sharing best practice of wellbeing in education. Although always a teacher first, her drive to improve mental health and wellbeing provision in schools - never stops. Connect with her across all social media platforms @mindfulmissgreen and visit her YouTube channel for more free wellbeing content.

Free resources and free guided meditations for children to use are available on www.mindfulmissgreen.com.

After this course...

you will be able to

  • Enhance your wellbeing knowledge

    ...understand some positive psychology basics and research from the condensed blocks which are designed for you to learn more about the science. The good news is you can draw on this knowledge at any time and choose what works for you!

  • Improve wellbeing through practical interventions

    ...learn ways to put your new knowledge into practical action. Positive psychology interventions will support you to live the experience of improving your wellbeing, before adapting these practices for children in your care.

  • Enhance provision for children

    ...adapt what you have learned and experienced for the children you teach and/or parent. You will be able to use many practical activities given on this course alongside your new found understanding of elements of wellbeing science.

Improve Wellbeing Today!

For the cost of a new pair of jeans - you could learn about new pathways to flourishing.

Course Bonuses

In addition to your course you will also receive:

  • Free E-Book

    A complimentary e-book full of practical wellbeing ideas for children. These activities can be done at home, in the classroom or adapted to your online learning platforms.

  • Community

    Access to a little wellbeing community group on Facebook where you can meet other course members and share best practice.

  • Guaranteed Places

    You will be given preferential sign up to any future webinars or courses and guaranteed a spot on limited place courses.


  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    You will have 90 days access to the course which is more than enough time to access the material, in between being a busy teacher, a hands-on parent - or both!

  • Does the course need to be done in order?

    After the initial welcome and simple course preparation, you can access the blocks in any order. This gives you the freedom to choose what resonates with you most - and spend however long you like with each concept.

  • What if I decide this course isn't for me?

    We're sure you will really enjoy the content and it's worth spending time practising the interventions and choosing what will suit the children best. However, if you decide not to continue - there is a seven day money back guarantee provided you share your feedback and have not downloaded any materials.




The course content was easy to read and follow for both myself and the children. We carried out 'The Gratitude Tree' which was amazing; we were grateful for so many things in so many ways!

Character Strengths


The resources are very clear and well thought out, facilitating lots of meaningful discussions on our strengths. They were easy to access and the design of the resources is beautiful and calming!

Feelings and Emotions


The text is informative yet explained in a way that makes the content accessible for all. There are some great book recommendations and links! I really enjoyed working my way through the sessions and it is essential for educators to be on this journey with students.

Adapting to Suit!


I am a teacher and mum of a gorgeous neurodiverse little boy. Whilst he is young and not too keen on mark making (some suggested activities include writing) we adapted the ideas and enjoyed them as a family!